Our Family Guides to the East Coast of Florida

What an amazing coast line the State of Florida is!  We spent two weeks in Florida driving from St Augustine to Key West then back to Orlando.  This was plenty of time to explore the east coast and get a real feel for the Florida vibe.

  • You can follow our adventure starting at St Augustine which is America’s oldest town.  The town is for the history buffs and the beach goers this is the town to visit.

    St Augustine Fort

  • Our next stop on our south bound drive was Daytona where the boys were passengers in their own NASCAR.

  • From Daytona we became astronauts at the Kennedy Space Center – it was out of this world.

    Touching a rock from the moon

  • Vero Beach was a surprising find, an unplanned destination and quickly became one of our favourite places.  You can read all out our adventures here.  Look out for the manatees swimming past while you sit on your beach deck chair.

    Vero Beach – look out for the manatees

  • The drive from Vero Beach along the A1A beach front avenue (like Vanilla Ice says) is spectacular.  Drive past the huge houses in Palm Beach and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Miami.

    Miami Beach Huts

  • Say goodbye to the art deco buildings of South Beach Miami and head down to the most Southern Point of the USA.  The vibes in the Florida Keys is like stepping back in time.  If you stand on your tiptoes in Key West you may even see Cuba!

    The USA’s most southern point

  • Our final stop was Orlando where we were wizards alongside Harry Potter and went on all the rides at Universal Studios.

    Duff Beer in the Simpson’s World


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