Disneyland Accommodation

Disneyland is expensive, exhausting BUT so worth every cent.  I have trawled the internet on how to save our hard earned cash but still experience it all!  Many hours of pros and cons have led me to stay in a hotel and also private accommodation.



On our first trip to Disneyland I decided that the Howard Johnson which was the best option as it was an easy walk to and from the main entrance to Disneyland.  The rooms were clean and had a view from the balcony of the fireworks each night.  We arrived in winter so we didn’t use the pool or water park in the hotel.  The laundry was a fair walk away from our room but as the children were little and resting in the middle of the day so I washed then.  The room had a bar sized fridge and a large bathroom.  No breakfast facilities were in the room, so we ate cereal from paper cups and had snacks on the way out the door.

This was before I was confident with using private accommodation.  Two years later we returned to Disneyland and the kids were old and larger and putting them into a one-room hotel room was not an option.  Bring on VRBO and AIRBnB.


I do not think I would use a hotel again after experiencing private accommodation.  I only have had extremely positive experiences and have NEVER looked back and possibly never will.

I used VRBO.com to find our Disneyland accommodation and it was perfect.  The car park of Disneyland was across the road from our front door.  We could not have been closer.  We had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, lounge room, laundry, two bathrooms and dining area.  The complex that the town house was in had a pool and a spa.  The accommodation was Disney themed which was such a nice touch.  Mickey Mouse paraphernalia  everywhere!

The price is also the biggest winner with private accommodation, so much cheaper than hotels.

Once the kids were asleep we could relax and watch the TV or debrief about the day and get ready for the next day.  No tip toeing around in one hotel room with the telly on mute using our phones for torches.

Once you have tried it you will never look back.

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