The Best 5 in Los Angeles

The Best 5 for LA

Heading to Los Angeles? It is no secret that we love LA and if you have a few days only in LA LA Land the following is a must for families, travellers, first time visitors and those who want a quick taste of LA…….

1. Hollywood Walk of Fame

This is a bit touristy and you don’t need to spend too long there but getting a star on the walkway photo is fun.  There is also a lot of oddly dressed characters that will hassle you for a photo, they want a tip so think about your photo opportunity.  Behind the Chinese Theatre on the Hollywood of Fame is a cool lolly (candy) shop called Sweets.

Hollywood walk of Fame credit: LA Weekly

Hollywood walk of Fame
credit: LA Weekly

2. Observatory in Griffith Park

One of our favourites places to watch the sunset over all of LA is at the Observatory in Griffith Park.  The view is spectacular.  Aim to arrive about 45mins before the sun begins to set.  The parking is free but can get busy at this time.  There are also public toilets.  The Hollywood Sign can be seen well from this position as can all of LA.  Enjoy the view!!!

sunset at Griffith Observatory

sunset at Griffith Observatory

3. Grand Central Markets.

The revival of Downtown LA has led to the popularity of the Grand Central Markets.  The Markets opened in 1917 and are still going strong.  The food and the vibe in here is amazing.  We loved grabbing some lunch from various vendors and taking a seat.  The neon lights are spectacular as are any food option.  Across the road is a great playground for the kids to explore.

neon sign in the Grand Central Markets

neon sign in the Grand Central Markets

4. Runyon Canyon and Mulholland Drive

For hikes and trail walking and celebrity sights head to Runyon Canyon.  This huge acreage in the middle of this busy city feels like a world away.  The 360 degree views are breath taking.  If driving head to Mulholland Drive for a view of LA from the top of the mountains.

5. Museums

Some great museums to head to in LA.  The Tar Pits have excavation pits, fossils, Ice Age period exhibitions and lots of room for the kids to explore.  Petersen Automotive Museum is for the young and old car enthusiast.  This museum has just had a huge renovation. Another one for the dinosaur lovers is the Natural History Museum.

Catching the view over LA

Catching the view over LA

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