The Best 5 series… San Francisco

The Best 5 San Francisco

Introducing a new series of blog posts…. ‘The Best 5’

This will be a series of the Must Do things, events, activities, freebies in cities that we love.

First in our series is………………..


Golden Gate San Fran

Golden Gate San Fran

If you find yourself lucky enough to be in San Fran for two days add the following to you list…..

1. Golden Gate Bridge Bike Ride

The Golden Gate Bridge is breath taking and really makes being in SF a reality.  The bridge is massive and driving over it is so memorable but riding a bike over is even better.  Hire a bike for approx. $10 per hour and head over the bridge.  Then hop on the ferry with your bike at Sausalito and cruise back.  This trip should take about 2 hours depending on how little your children’s legs are and how fast they can peddle.

2. Lombard Street and Cable Cars

The steepest, windiest street in San Fran is a fun stop.  We walked from the bottom to the top on the set of stairs next to the street.  It is beautifully landscaped and a bucket list item. Then at the top of the street a cable car stop is nearby.  Hop on and grab the chance to hang off the side of the cart like they do in the movies.

Lombard Street San Fran

Lombard Street San Fran

The windy, steep Lombard Street San Fran

The windy, steep Lombard Street San Fran

3. Fisherman’s Wharf

Head to the busy tourist spot ( I don’t offend recommend tourist places) and go to the back of the pier.  The famous seals bask in the sun on the wooden floating platforms.  The area around the Wharf has clam chowder and other tourist shops to quickly browse in but this Wharf is all about the SEALS!

Fisherman's Wharf Seals

Fisherman’s Wharf Seals

4. Alcatraz

This half day excursion is an intense experience that you will not forget.  Make sure you book as far ahead as possible to get the times and days you want for your visit.

5. The Painted Ladies

The famous houses that are in movies and TV shows such as Mrs Doubtfire and Full House can be found at Alamo Square’s at Hayes and Steiner Streets.  In the park opposite the houses is a large grassy area that also has a playground.  Quintessentially San Fran at its finest.

Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies

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