The Best 5 New York City

Flat Iron Building

The Best 5 New York City

The list for New York City could easily be The Best 100, it has been hard to narrow this fantastic city down to The Best 5.

There are the cliché must do tourists’ checklist items such as Empire State Building, Times Square and watching a Broadway show.  You can have a look at our NYC Christmas experience here.

Trying adding our Best 5 to your list, your kids will love it all.

1. Statue of Liberty

Our time frame was tight so we didn’t want to lose valuable time going over to Liberty Island instead we caught the FREE boat over to Staten Island.  The view from the back of the boat over to Statue of Liberty is amazing.  We timed our boat ride with the sun setting over NYC.  It was breathtaking.  Once on Staten Island we then reboarded the boat and returned to the City.

Statue of Liberty

Beautiful sun set over the city


2. Brooklyn Bridge

Using the Subway we headed to the closest station to the Brooklyn Bridge (there are a few options depending on which line you are on).  Such an authentic NYC experience and on the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge is Jane’s Carousel which was built in the 1920’s and has been restored.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Jane’s Carousel

3. Central Park Playground

Family travel always means gravitating towards playgrounds they are like magnets to our kids.  How cool to say you have pushed your kids on the swings in Central Park New York City.

Central Park

Swings in Central Park

4. Natural History Museum

Before our holidays we always try to watch movies that are related to where we are headed.  The movie ‘Night at the Museum’ quickly became a favourite with the kids.  This made one of our must do’s The American Natural History Museum.  There is a brouchure you can pick up in the foyer that lists the displays to head to to experience the movie.  HINT: this is an expensive museum but the price is only a suggestion.  It is very legit to tell the cashier how much you wish to pay.  I donated $2 for each ticket, so $10 covered our family.  We spent 2 hours in this museum then headed on elsewhere.  NB. Shake Shack is nearby, this is a foodie must.


American Natural History Museum


5. The Highline

Built on an old train track is this new green space in NYC.  The kids had a ball being able to walk freely without traffic and to explore the space.  Lots of viewing platforms and exits along the way.

Having fun on The Highline

Having fun on The Highline


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