The Best 5 Las Vegas

LAs Vegas Girls

The Best 5 Las Vegas

Our love for Las Vegas started by getting married in Las Vegas.  We have continued this love affair returning a number of times with our children.  I have narrowed down my long list of must do’s to create The Best 5 things to do in Las Vegas….

1. Walk the Strips (old and new)

Walking from one end of the Strip to the other end will take a few days.  If you are short on time or it is too hot head to a few of the more impressive Casinos and wander through their foyers.  We loved Bellagio – especially their flower displays at Christmas, CircusCircus – the free circus entertainment impressed the kids, Venetian – for the ‘Am I in Italy?’ feeling and The Flamingo – for the outside bird sanctuary.

We also headed to the Old Strip (Freemont Street) where the feeling of Vegas in the older times still exists. Once dark the whole of Freemont Street is lit from above and the area has a great atmosphere.

Old Strip

Freemont Street all lit up

2. Downtown Container Park

While at Freemont Street walk over to the Downtown Container Park.  The centre of the park area is a huge playground with interactive stations and huge slides coming from the treehouse.  The playground is surrounded by shops and eateries.  There are public restrooms there also.  The Downtown Container Park was a huge hit with our family.

Tommy enjoying The Container Park playground

Tommy enjoying The Container Park playground

3. Watching the Bellagio Fountains

Watching the Bellagio Fountains is an iconic tourist attraction and rightly so as it is so spectacular.  We grabbed a front row seat and watched a few sessions of the fountains.

Bellagio Fountains

waiting for the water fountain show

4. Watch a Show

The variety is endless when it comes to shows and performers to see.  Book ahead if you know a specific show or take a chance and head to the half price ticket offices – Tix4Tonight. It is a great way to be more flexible with your show times and to get a great discount.


5. Visit The Grand Canyon

The closest airport to the Grand Canyon is Las Vegas.  The Northern Rim can be reached from Las Vegas and it is a once in a lifetime experience.  Catch a helicopter to the Northern Rim and explore the Grand Canyon.  We have visited the Grand Canon from the Northern and Southern Rim.  Simple amazing!!

Las Vegas sign

Welcome Sign


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  1. I am hoping to visit for the first time for my 40th birthday next year. I will be following your advice for sure. Happy Roving!!!

  2. Excited to have found your blog as I will make my first trip to Vegas with my kids next year and I had never heard of the Downtown Container Park. Thanks you for writing about it. Minor editorial point: it’s “Fremont.”

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